Turn Your Passion into a Sustainable Business, Part 1 of 2

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Life is meant to be enjoyed! Of course, who wouldn’t want that? But then again, the reality is that we have to work (even a job that suck!) to support ourselves, more so if we have a family to care for.

We have to work to pay the mortgages, the credit cards, the bills at home, the family’s health care and the list could go on and on and on….I just hope that a family vacation, a trip to Costa Rica or some exotic place is included somewhere there.

Having said that, are you even spending quality time for your family at all? I hope ‘Hi Kids,’ is not your idea of a pep talk, and watching TV side by side while you doze off is your idea of ‘bonding ‘ time.

If it is, then perhaps you should start reassessing your life if you are truly happy and fulfilled with what’s going on, because it does looks like your missing life.

We only live once

Yes, the very reason why NOW is the time we should start living a meaningful one. So you may want to ask yourself now, what your real passions in life are. What it is that one thing you really love the most – aside from your family that is.

In the course of our life – taking care of the family, in my case devoting myself to raising the kids – we somehow lose that connection to what truly makes us happy and alive. Of course it’s a noble thing to care for your love ones, its one thing I never regret doing.

But loosing that connection to my other passion in life, which is arts, somehow derailed my paths from a happy life turning me into a frustrated, almost angry mom.

And having found my way back to what really makes me complete, does not only revive the creativity and inspirations in me, but also paved the way to creating sustainable life for my family.
You, too, can turn your passion into a business. We only live once, remember? So, start living now!

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Turn your passion into a business

The very idea of creating a sustainable business out of your true passions in life is to really make earning a living or ‘working’ a desirable experience for us.

We know that we all have to work, but if you turn your passion into a business, it will make working a meaningful one for you. Working on a business that is powered by genuine passion, can make a whole world of difference.

You are enriching your personal being while at the same time creating a sustainable life for your family. You become this positive ball of energy that rubs off to people around you. Your business will naturally attract good vibes and before you knew it you’re taking off with a business that is making life a meaningful one for you.

So what’s your passion in life?

Start asking yourself what it is that makes you feel alive the most. Do you love to dance, to paint, to bake or to advise and connect to people? Only you can determine what are you most passionate about in life. Once you figure that one out, you can then turn your passion into a business.

Try writing it down, there’s something about seeing your hopes and dreams put into words. It makes it more real, more attainable; it presents itself as a challenge or something you now have to do.

Have you notice that you tend to complete your grocery shopping when you have a list with you? Not only that it serves as a reminder but it kind of give you that compelling urge to do it or buy it since it’s on your list.

So, write it down, don’t be shy – put into words what is it that you love doing or would love to do if given the chance. This is going to be your first step towards creating a sustainable life for your family.

The work begins: turn you passion into a business

env2post4If you already know what your passions are, ask yourself why this passion is calling for you.

Answering the why in these passions will let you decide how you will integrate that into your lifestyle and eventually to how you will conduct your business. Would you like a business online, home-based, brick and mortar and others? Or what responsibility or role you would like to assume in your business?

For instance, I’m passionate about anything green – green living, green arts, green environment. And it’s basically because I want to create changes, changes in how this earth is treated. I want to affect my children positively about being responsible and compassionate of the world we’re living in. I want to help other people thrive in this world while living green and healthy and free to self-expression.

That leads me to decide on having a home-based business so that I can be with my kids more and raise them myself and have more free time for my other passions in life.

I also decided to take on the business head on, and be the main ‘man’ and assume the major responsibility running my home business.

Finding out the whys in your passion will steer you into the right path towards incorporating these hopes and dreams into your life and turn your passion into a business.

It also leads to self exploration which is oftentimes taken for granted because we’re so caught up with the less important things that we’re made to believe to be the main purpose of our existence.

More about the planning stage on my next post about turning your passion into a business.

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