Turn Your Passion into a Sustainable Business, Part 2 of 2

Stick to your core gift.

lisa at workAgain, a business that is powered by genuine passion can make a whole world of difference – you are simply full of energy – willing to strive for excellence and ready to persevere.

This is where most people fail in their business venture, they lack the passion for it – if something goes inadvertently wrong they are easily swayed by disappointments and would almost instantly just give up.

You have a much greater confidence going into a business that you know you are good at, you believe in what you’re doing and that makes a big difference!

It’s time to sit down and go over the plan; we’re going to turn your passion into a business!

Passion driven or profit driven

What honestly drives you?

turn your passion into business 1In the first part of this article, we talked about what your real passion is and ‘why’ is it calling for you in the hopes to find out what your passions can do for the world in return – how it will affect other people’s lives, what are the intentions behind the passion.

We’re trying to turn your passion into a business but you have to honest with yourself whether you are passion driven or profit driven.

You can’t just suddenly jump into a business simply because you can surf and you want to make money. But, if you are passionate about surfing, and you longed for people to appreciate the sport or the ocean for example, you can then branch out that passion into educating people through greener products to protect the ocean or a surfing clinic, or a surfing store.

When you are passion driven, you strive for excellence and your perseverance is incomparable to those who simply want to make profit out of it.

Ideas will start coming in because you naturally want to make changes other than just make profit. You stick with it regardless of the challenges that will surely come; the only difference is that you may not even view it as challenges but rather just a step you need to go through to push for that passion of yours.

Do you know how to make money?

I know you want to that’s for sure.

env2post1Once you have decided that you’re passion driven and you really want to turn your passion into a business, it’s time to ask yourself, do you know how to make money?

You may say, well you sell a product or a service, you get paid, then you have your money!

Not quite that simple. If you are really serious and want to turn your passion into a business, you will have to know the business aspect of it.

You have to consider the cost of keeping your business. The marketing you need to get your business out there. The employees (if you need them) you need to pay for. If you’re selling products, where or how are you going to deliver your products? If you’re providing services, where and how much your shop or clinic is going to cost you.

Surround yourself with people with varying skills

Know the company you’re keeping

You would want to be surrounded by people with great skills and genuine intent to help you out in the business world. Remember that this business is basically your ‘baby’ so think about it, with whom you are going to entrust your baby with.

Seeking help from family or friends is also an idea, especially if you really want to start small and don’t want to hire people (yet). Or you can also consider getting one or two employees or a business partner.

Educate yourself

It’s time to learn new things!

env2post2You can also choose to educate yourself. Let’s say for example, you really want to start small and wants to do it by yourself (probably at least until the business took off) – you can very well do so! Do your research, ask people, search online, look for similar businesses!

When I started my business, I didn’t know anything about the business aspect of it – I’m an artist and you don’t exactly get business education in art school. But somehow, I persevered; I learned all the stuff I needed to learn to push through with the business.

I understand branding, so that’s a start. I know I have to create a brand that I want to be known for. Being the artist that I am, that part was easy.

Then I learned about drop shipping for my products. I study all about it – terms, wordings, the hows and the whys.

I searched online to learn about how I can market my business. Basically, we want people to know about us – our existence, what we have to offer, it’s all about marketing.

Simply put, I educated myself about my business – I have to, yes, but more so because I want to, because I believe that my passion can make a difference!

See how passion plays a big role in business?

Make an online presence

Today, it has become part of almost every business venture to create presence online – whether it’s social media or blogging.
Why? Well, everybody is almost always online! Whether they’re simply checking on their friends or families, or searching for something, or simply for recreational purposes. People are always online!

So, naturally, that’s where you want your business to be.
Create presence online through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram. Make sure that you’re putting yourself out there for people to see and know about you.

What’s even better is for you to create a blog for your business. Don’t fret! It’s not rocket science, you can easily get your blog going with Blog Beast, it’s an upgraded version of Empower Network’s blogging system, click here to read my article about Blog Beast.

The idea of having a blog for your business is to create presence online and to connect more to your clients or future customers. Through blogging, you can offer more than just the products or services your business is providing – you can share tips, DIYs, updates or even other upcoming projects.

Get ready, brace your heart and then take the launch


You are now set to turn your passion into a business!

Given that you’re about to delve into something that you are passionate about, mixing the business aspect will somehow cause some jitters. That’s highly normal, for one you’re passionate about this so we naturally get excited by just the thought of it.

But keep in mind that you will be tested time and again, (you may not even saw it as ‘challenges’ when your focus is all set to that one goal you fixed your eyes on), don’t get discouraged, don’t let the judgment of other people or your fear of failure to hold you back.

You will soon reap the fruits of your hard work and motivate yourself with the fact that you’re on your way to creating a better life for your family.

Turn your passion into a business and be free!

Businesses take time to build and take time to keep it going. The difference though when you’re in business with something you are passionate about, is that it’s not pure ‘work.’ But rather, an opportunity presented everyday to better yourself in what you are good at and affect people in ways you can only imagine.

You can free yourself from a job that is not only restricting your creativity and passion but robbing you of the opportunity to enjoy life spending time with family or friends doing the things that makes you whole as a person.

Consider turning your passion into a business. You can make it happen. If you want it bad enough, you can make it happen NOW!

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