Art Therapy: Healing You From Within


You have probably heard of art therapy before, it’s basically a form of psychotherapy that uses art media.  One doesn’t have to have an experience or skill in arts because the focus is not about producing wonderful art work.

The primary concern is to affect changes in the client’s life–facilitate communication, overcome stress, improve overall well-being or experience personal transformation.

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Art therapy is relatively new

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Art therapy begun in the 1940’s, it is a relatively new therapeutic discipline but its effectiveness is undeniable.  It’s been proven to help patients recover from illnesses, both physical and mental, by tapping into their unconscious through art expression.

What art therapy can do for you?

Well often times, is viewed solely as a treatment for mental health problems or physical healing.  In reality, it affects the well-being, the inner experience of the person that in turn facilitates positive changes that can be seen visually – physically getting better or mentally improving.

People who are suffering from some type of illness, (or most people in general) have issues communicating verbally.  And the stress of not being able to communicate or be understood debilitates their condition.

The very thought of having a way to communicate is empowering in itself.  To be able to express oneself in a platform that is deemed ‘safe’ gives a person a sense of freedom.  Art therapy makes these doors to communication accessible.  It makes use of art as a way to relieve overwhelming emotions.

Art therapy is commonly used to facilitate learning and improve life of both children and adult with disabilities, experiencing depression, mental illnesses, some kind of trauma and physical illness as well.

Art therapy taps into your inner being, it heals you from within.

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