How to Succeed with Your Home-Based Business

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You have heard of success stories about people and their home-based business, probably for a hundredth time (if not a thousand times already).  And it’s quite understandable if you’re a little cynical about it.  I would be, too, especially when these people tends to oversell the whole home-based business thing – as if everyone can do it, as if it’s that easy.

The fact of the matter is that: everyone may try it but not everyone will succeed; it can be easy but it’s not always easy.

Home-based business may not be for everyone

The idea of working at home, being your own boss and of course having your own business and or company, is a big draw to a lot of people – both working and those who are  unemployed.

It’s not even surprising that there are those who are quick to jump on the idea of putting up their own home-based business without giving it a second thought.  And although it’s true that sometimes you just have to muster the courage to just do it, it will help tremendously if you’ll do your own research and studying first.

This is basically one of the most common reasons why a lot of people are not succeeding with their home-based business. With so many opportunity available on the internet, they tend to grab one (in some cases too many) too soon.

Bear in mind that you have to know what you’re getting yourself into (especially those who are planning to do this full time); time and money are at stake.  And although there are home-based businesses that will require almost zero start-up costs, still you invest your time and theoretically you’re losing profits you should have been earning had you go for the ‘right’ one.

So how would you know which is the one for you?

You’ll have to know what you’re true skills are, what are you good at?  Know the things that interest you the most, what are you most passionate about?

The answer to these questions will help in steering you into the right direction.  For instance, you’re going to start a website that sells automobile parts and accessories – it may not be the best idea to start with when you’re not really into cars or know too little about cars.  But of course once you learn the whole internet marketing thing – you can basically sell whatever you wanted to by simply choosing affiliates that will help you exactly do that.

Or say for example, you wanted to start your own arts and crafts business where you can create and sell your stuff online – this will work best if you’re really into artsy stuff, more so if you’re an artist yourself.  If that’s the case, it will benefit you creative wise and business wise since you can do your own creation and you don’t have to get the products to sell from other people and you also earn full profit as well.

The importance of knowing what you are most passionate about in determining what home-based business to invest into will also play a big factor on whether you will be successful.

Passion and success really goes hand in hand, I believe that when you’re passionate about something success is inevitable.

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Who says home-based business is easy?

Any home-based business just like any other business involves work – and whether that ‘work’ will be easy or not depends on how dedicated you are.  Remember that it can be easy, but it’s not always easy.

Another reason why not everybody succeed in home-based business is that they expected it to be easy and they’re quick to give up once they realized that it involves ‘work’ too.  You have to keep in mind that you don’t know ‘everything’ and nobody expects you to.  But it also means that you will then have to ‘learn’ things in order to know them.

And besides, oftentimes, things seem hard at first but once you get your groove on it, then the easy part happens.  Just like what they say:  the first step is oftentimes the hardest.  If you give up so easily, how can you then enjoy the fruits of your labor?  Errr, that is, given you gave it some kind of ‘trying’ at some point of course.

So, how can you succeed with your home-based business?

Spend time to make your own research and study whatever home-based business you’re interested in.

Know your strengths, i.e. skills, interest, passions.

Set your limit; know how much time and money you are willing to invest.

Expect work.  Again, (for the nth time) it can be easy, but it’s not always easy.  To get to the easy part you’ll have to put work into it first.

How to Overcome the Challenges of Working from Home

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Working from home certainly has its perks but don’t mistake it as a walk in the park (Rest assured though that it can be a meaningful and enjoyable walk in the park if you really love what you’re doing).  There will be times when you feel that it has become very tedious on your part, you feel a little burnt out, things seems at a standstill or you simply feel like you’re not up to doing anything.

There are ways on how to overcome these challenges, that’s one of the advantages of working from home, you can simply address the issue whichever or however way you want to.  Don’t get too carried away though, you may have the freedom to do as you please, but there are ways on how to deal with these challenges in a more productive way.

Re-assess your work load.

The beauty of working from home is that you have the flexibility to readjust your schedule every now and then.  If specific tasks are becoming tedious for you at the moment, try to re-assess which tasks can you hold off for a while, say delay it for a day or two.

For instance, it’s ideal that you create fresh blog posts every so often, but in reality there will be days when you are simply not up to sharing anything really.  So the best thing to do is to postpone it until an inspiration kicks in rather than spend a considerable amount of time staring blankly on your computer.

You can also outsource some of the work to relieve you of the heavy load – which oftentimes is the main reason for people working from home to wear out easily.  You can outweigh the pros and cons of delegating specific tasks to other people compare to forcing yourself to do too much work load.

You can even be more productive this way.  Let’s say, you can accept a lot more project or deal with other business venture if you can free some of your time by outsourcing.  You can invest all your creativity and energy figuring out something new rather than drowning yourself with tons of paper or data entry works.

Have a break, have a KitKat…or Twinkies…or S’mores…or what have you

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Accept the fact that there will be days when you can work straight for more than 8 hours a day with gusto and then there will be days as well when an hour on the computer is such a drag.

Again, the beauty of working from home is that you can simply accept that fact and enjoy your down time instead.

This can be a good time to actually have a break:

  • Eat out or invade your kitchen to cook – even if you don’t know how to cook.
  • Take a walk – take a long walk.
  • Watch a movie – perhaps a movie marathon.
  • Use your bath tub – have a bubble bath with essential oils, candles and the works!
  • Listen to your favorite songs – better yet dance to your favorite songs.

Simply put – take a breather.  Working for long hours on the computer everyday can take its toll on you, both physically and mentally.  Sitting still for long hours staring on your computer screen can eventually wear you out.  The key here is to rest your brain and start moving your body, so, have a break!

Remind yourself why you’re working from home.

You ultimately decide to work at home, that means you really want this – probably even more than other people who are also choosing to work from home.

It all comes to managing your time effectively and being responsible.  Don’t abuse the freedom to ‘do as you wish’ to procrastinate on things you should be doing, that way you avoid overworking yourself.

Respect your working schedule.

It’s amazing enough that you can fix your own schedule, when to work, when to not work – having said that, stick to it to make sure you don’t cram in the end or worst miss deadlines.  Remember that just like any ‘real’ job, it also takes dedication to ensure success in working from home.

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To Work or Not To Work – Deciding to be a SAHM

to work or not to work 4

I have heard of stories about mom eventually deciding to be a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) for practical reasons – like for instance, even if she is working, her salary may just be enough to pay the day care bills.  Point taken, but the thing is, would have she left the workforce by choice?

Then there are those who felt obliged to become a SAHM because they feel guilty that other people will be raising their kids.  But to be honest, of course, you’ll be raising your kids – you will need the help (either a nanny or day care centers or your mom or your in-laws) but you will be raising your own kids.

Although it’s very understandable for working moms to miss this point because they are so occupied with their career or exhausted from working that by the time their turn with the kids comes, all they wanted to do is glue them in front of the TV or put them to bed.  Hence, they feel like they couldn’t do both and opt to be a stay at home – even if they originally wanted to be the working girl.

A mother ‘stuck’ at home

The problem with the situations mentioned above is that, eventually the child or the kids are left with a mom that is depressed, frustrated and uninspired.  I guess the whole point of being with the kids –raising them yourself, nurturing them – has taken a different turn.

The child or children would likely develop emotional or psychological problems – feeling unworthy or undeserving or feel like they are a nuisance that is causing their mother’s heartbreak.  And no children should be made to feel that way.

A mother could easily feel stuck at home – taking care of the kids and managing the house.  Feeling small about the fact that she’s no longer the working woman she used to be and left with the ‘mundane’ task that she felt she’s over qualified to do.

Of course, there’s nothing mundane about being a SAHM.  It is also called work – a 24/7 work…without a salary – because it’s priceless!  So, being a stay at home mom is nothing short of being noble.

Again, it’s understandable why SAHMs are feeling the opposite.  The society has different notions about SAHMs in general.  And peers are not making it any easier.  Hence, more of the pressure is coming from outside factors.  It’s not even a question of whether you would like to raise your kids or not.  Of course you would like to do that, but, there’s always a ‘but’ somewhere there.

working at home

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How blogging helps a SAHM

If one ultimately decides to be a stay at home mom it has to be because that is where her innermost dreams and hopes and passions lie.  Otherwise, she has to muster the strength to decide to continue working and leave the child to a day care, to a nanny or a sitter.

The reality though is that it’s NOT an easy decision to make.  It’s not exactly a ‘yes or no’ option.

The good thing is that technology has made it possible for SAHMs of today to have a platform where they can use not just for hobby or to release the tension and bottled-up emotions but also to revive their other passions in life.

Blogging provides a SAHM the platform where she can share her passions to other people – either if it’s about the career she used to have – teacher, nurse, realtor, and others, or it’s about that one thing that she has always dreamed about – being a green activist, improving cupcake recipes, creating awareness about organic food for example or humane treatment of animals, the list could go on and on.

Suffice to say that blogging is empowering SAHMs!

It’s been said time and again that journaling helps our personal development, and blogging can be your own take at journaling – and more!

In blogging, you can affect other people’s lives by serving as an inspiration or a motivation.  You can also turn blogging into a business to give you that extra income that you can contribute to your family’s finances or to start your own charity works.

The possibilities are endless, and the best part of it all is that through blogging you can survive being a stay at home mom – a SAHM that is fulfilled, dignified and happy.

To work or not to work

There is no definite answer to this; it will always come down to what you want.  Of course the children are the priority, but it’s the very reason why it has to come down to YOU, you have to know where your innermost dreams and hopes and passions lie.

The Challenges of Working At Home

In as much as I’m enjoying working at homehaving the freedom to manage my time anyway I want to – it is undeniably challenging as well.

Just like any work – be it a regular 8-5 job or managing a brick and mortar business – working at home also needs discipline and dedication as well.

Don’t be fooled with the idea that working at home means you can sleep all day or lull around in your PJs while you fatten up your bank account.  Seriously, let’s be real here.

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Why Work at Home?

With the current state of our economy today plus the fact that job security is pretty much non-existent – having  something that you can either fall back into or provide you with supplemental income proved to be not so much of an option anymore.

Working at home is no longer viewed as risky as it used to be.  In fact, with the right tools, proper guidance and positive mindset you can actually ensure your family’s future by working from home.

The Perks of Working at Home

You basically manage your own timeYes, you can wake up late and work late at night or work early so you can free your evening.  You can go on Holiday vacation with family, you don’t have to miss your kids’ school activities, you get to choose your own ‘break time’ – you pretty much control your schedule.

You are your own boss.  Yes, you’ll be working with other people as well in the course of your home business or working from home, but you get a say on how to go about things.  You don’t have to blindly obey just because you’re told to.

In the same premise, you get all the credits.  You rightfully get the credits for working hard on something that you genuinely believe in.

The Challenges

Not everyone is a believer of this concept – working at home or working from home.  They still view it as good as being unemployed.

For me, these basically are the people who are too afraid to let go of what they have grown accustomed to.  They believe that a ‘real’ job is one where you clock in and clock out every day for 6 days, one where there is a boss, one where you have ‘office mates’ or ‘work mates’  and basically one where you need to go out of the house to ‘go’ to.

Hmmm, isn’t being tied to 9+ hour job per day proved to be stressful?  How about the ‘boss’ who constantly hover or expects too much? And the office politics, the bullying and all?  Don’t forget the time you have to spend traveling to work.

People think that when you’re working at home, you can be bothered anytime of the day since after all you’re just sitting at home, right? Well, not quite.

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Working at home does mean you manage your own time, so the key is managing.  There is still some sort of order you have to deal with.  Yes, at times you can simply just go on a walk if you want to or decide to go AWOL to unwind.  But you get to decide when to do just that.

Say you’re writing an article, it’s not working, you can’t get a hold on a single thought…by all means take a leisurely walk instead, perhaps hang out with some friends for an hour or so. Or let’s say you feel all burnt out, you can then ultimately decide when is the right time to take a leave of absence and take a breather first.

So you see, there has to be some time management in place to make working at home work for you.

Working at home can be very challenging, just like any other ‘real’ job out there.  But I can honestly say that I’m leaving a fuller life – enjoying freedom, security of work and a much meaningful life.

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Stay At Home Mom: At Home and Working

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It’s totally admirable for any woman to ultimately decide to become a full time mom and put her personal dreams or aspirations on hold or probably even for good.  Whatever the circumstances that lead a woman to become a stay at home mom, she is no less than a bit of a super woman!

The more important question is whether she is happy and content with being one.  Is she being this positive ball of energy that is rearing the children and managing the house wholeheartedly?  Can she readily say that she’s happy and fulfilled being the full time mom?

Stories of women stressing out about being a full time mom or housewife are very common.  But it does not necessarily mean it’s because she’s not enjoying being at home with the kids and managing the house.  Oftentimes it’s more than just the physical aspect of being a mother 24/7, being tired physically you can remedy with a nice spa treatment or a vacation or what have you.  What’s harder to face is the stress coming from an unfulfilled woman – someone whose dreams and passions are put on hold, or those feeling neglected and unappreciated, or perhaps even women who are felling worthless.

While stress can be caused by a lot of factors, oftentimes, for stay at home moms, stress is coming from the fact that they’re no longer working.  Of course, we know that again being a full time mom is a 24/7 job, but sometimes it’s not enough to fill the void inside.  There are many stay at home moms who wants to work and yet couldn’t bear to leave being a full time mom.  It’s great to know that now a days, you can very well do exactly that!

At Home and Working

work at homeImage courtesy of marin /

You have got to love internet!  It definitely opens up the world to a lot of people including the stay at home moms. Now, the idea of working at home becomes very accessible and surprisingly very doable now to a lot of mommies out there!

Get in touch with your passion

Moms can channel their passions and use it to start their own home business.  Say, you’re into arts and crafts, very well then – make stuff you’d love to share or better yet sell to other people.  And don’t fret, because you can easily do that while you’re home.  Use the power of social media to advertise your goods or services.  Set up a Facebook page and gather in your friends.  Before you know it, word of mouth will do the marketing for you!

Start writing

We pretty much know now that journaling does something positive to us, right?  Because you’re basically letting your emotions out, it’s a way of expressing ourselves.  Well then, how about you start writing and get paid for it?  You can create a blog where you can share your emotions, stories, ideas or perhaps tips to help others out.  And believe me, people read these stuff.  It’s pretty amazing actually how people are connecting to each other because somehow they share similar experiences.  And how you start earning from writing?  Well, when you write regularly and you’re blog or website is consistently updated, you’ll going to get a decent traffic enough to entice advertisers.  You will then get paid a certain percentage for every click/sale they make coming from your website.

Affiliate marketing

If you are quite a web savvy, then perhaps you can try affiliate marketing you make money online by promoting other business’ products or services.  Here you will earn a commission whenever someone follows a link on your blog or website to another site and then sign up or bought products or services.  It can be challenging to set up a website with decent traffic and ideally Google page ranking but once you get the hang of it affiliate marketing can really bring you serious money.


is blogging for everyone 4This is a great way to start working at home with basically zero start up cost.  As long as you have desktop computer or laptop and internet connection, you’re good to start.

You can simply join a freelancing site and start applying for jobs that match your set of skills. Job contracts varies from simple data entry, writing, virtual assistance, web research and technical support.

With freelancing, you are basically free to choose which job (or people) you want to work with.  You can also choose from short term to long term contracts.  You also get to decide how many hours are you planning to work in a day or in a week – I know kids can be a handful!

It will be great for stay at home moms to be able to work while raising the children and managing the house.  It will considerably improve their confidence, ease them of boredom, relieve stress and of course earn extra money.

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Turn Your Passion into a Sustainable Business, Part 2 of 2

Stick to your core gift.

lisa at workAgain, a business that is powered by genuine passion can make a whole world of difference – you are simply full of energy – willing to strive for excellence and ready to persevere.

This is where most people fail in their business venture, they lack the passion for it – if something goes inadvertently wrong they are easily swayed by disappointments and would almost instantly just give up.

You have a much greater confidence going into a business that you know you are good at, you believe in what you’re doing and that makes a big difference!

It’s time to sit down and go over the plan; we’re going to turn your passion into a business!

Passion driven or profit driven

What honestly drives you?

turn your passion into business 1In the first part of this article, we talked about what your real passion is and ‘why’ is it calling for you in the hopes to find out what your passions can do for the world in return – how it will affect other people’s lives, what are the intentions behind the passion.

We’re trying to turn your passion into a business but you have to honest with yourself whether you are passion driven or profit driven.

You can’t just suddenly jump into a business simply because you can surf and you want to make money. But, if you are passionate about surfing, and you longed for people to appreciate the sport or the ocean for example, you can then branch out that passion into educating people through greener products to protect the ocean or a surfing clinic, or a surfing store.

When you are passion driven, you strive for excellence and your perseverance is incomparable to those who simply want to make profit out of it.

Ideas will start coming in because you naturally want to make changes other than just make profit. You stick with it regardless of the challenges that will surely come; the only difference is that you may not even view it as challenges but rather just a step you need to go through to push for that passion of yours.

Do you know how to make money?

I know you want to that’s for sure.

env2post1Once you have decided that you’re passion driven and you really want to turn your passion into a business, it’s time to ask yourself, do you know how to make money?

You may say, well you sell a product or a service, you get paid, then you have your money!

Not quite that simple. If you are really serious and want to turn your passion into a business, you will have to know the business aspect of it.

You have to consider the cost of keeping your business. The marketing you need to get your business out there. The employees (if you need them) you need to pay for. If you’re selling products, where or how are you going to deliver your products? If you’re providing services, where and how much your shop or clinic is going to cost you.

Surround yourself with people with varying skills

Know the company you’re keeping

You would want to be surrounded by people with great skills and genuine intent to help you out in the business world. Remember that this business is basically your ‘baby’ so think about it, with whom you are going to entrust your baby with.

Seeking help from family or friends is also an idea, especially if you really want to start small and don’t want to hire people (yet). Or you can also consider getting one or two employees or a business partner.

Educate yourself

It’s time to learn new things!

env2post2You can also choose to educate yourself. Let’s say for example, you really want to start small and wants to do it by yourself (probably at least until the business took off) – you can very well do so! Do your research, ask people, search online, look for similar businesses!

When I started my business, I didn’t know anything about the business aspect of it – I’m an artist and you don’t exactly get business education in art school. But somehow, I persevered; I learned all the stuff I needed to learn to push through with the business.

I understand branding, so that’s a start. I know I have to create a brand that I want to be known for. Being the artist that I am, that part was easy.

Then I learned about drop shipping for my products. I study all about it – terms, wordings, the hows and the whys.

I searched online to learn about how I can market my business. Basically, we want people to know about us – our existence, what we have to offer, it’s all about marketing.

Simply put, I educated myself about my business – I have to, yes, but more so because I want to, because I believe that my passion can make a difference!

See how passion plays a big role in business?

Make an online presence

Today, it has become part of almost every business venture to create presence online – whether it’s social media or blogging.
Why? Well, everybody is almost always online! Whether they’re simply checking on their friends or families, or searching for something, or simply for recreational purposes. People are always online!

So, naturally, that’s where you want your business to be.
Create presence online through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram. Make sure that you’re putting yourself out there for people to see and know about you.

What’s even better is for you to create a blog for your business. Don’t fret! It’s not rocket science, you can easily get your blog going with Blog Beast, it’s an upgraded version of Empower Network’s blogging system, click here to read my article about Blog Beast.

The idea of having a blog for your business is to create presence online and to connect more to your clients or future customers. Through blogging, you can offer more than just the products or services your business is providing – you can share tips, DIYs, updates or even other upcoming projects.

Get ready, brace your heart and then take the launch


You are now set to turn your passion into a business!

Given that you’re about to delve into something that you are passionate about, mixing the business aspect will somehow cause some jitters. That’s highly normal, for one you’re passionate about this so we naturally get excited by just the thought of it.

But keep in mind that you will be tested time and again, (you may not even saw it as ‘challenges’ when your focus is all set to that one goal you fixed your eyes on), don’t get discouraged, don’t let the judgment of other people or your fear of failure to hold you back.

You will soon reap the fruits of your hard work and motivate yourself with the fact that you’re on your way to creating a better life for your family.

Turn your passion into a business and be free!

Businesses take time to build and take time to keep it going. The difference though when you’re in business with something you are passionate about, is that it’s not pure ‘work.’ But rather, an opportunity presented everyday to better yourself in what you are good at and affect people in ways you can only imagine.

You can free yourself from a job that is not only restricting your creativity and passion but robbing you of the opportunity to enjoy life spending time with family or friends doing the things that makes you whole as a person.

Consider turning your passion into a business. You can make it happen. If you want it bad enough, you can make it happen NOW!

Turn Your Passion into a Sustainable Business, Part 1 of 2

NERT image 2
Life is meant to be enjoyed! Of course, who wouldn’t want that? But then again, the reality is that we have to work (even a job that suck!) to support ourselves, more so if we have a family to care for.

We have to work to pay the mortgages, the credit cards, the bills at home, the family’s health care and the list could go on and on and on….I just hope that a family vacation, a trip to Costa Rica or some exotic place is included somewhere there.

Having said that, are you even spending quality time for your family at all? I hope ‘Hi Kids,’ is not your idea of a pep talk, and watching TV side by side while you doze off is your idea of ‘bonding ‘ time.

If it is, then perhaps you should start reassessing your life if you are truly happy and fulfilled with what’s going on, because it does looks like your missing life.

We only live once

Yes, the very reason why NOW is the time we should start living a meaningful one. So you may want to ask yourself now, what your real passions in life are. What it is that one thing you really love the most – aside from your family that is.

In the course of our life – taking care of the family, in my case devoting myself to raising the kids – we somehow lose that connection to what truly makes us happy and alive. Of course it’s a noble thing to care for your love ones, its one thing I never regret doing.

But loosing that connection to my other passion in life, which is arts, somehow derailed my paths from a happy life turning me into a frustrated, almost angry mom.

And having found my way back to what really makes me complete, does not only revive the creativity and inspirations in me, but also paved the way to creating sustainable life for my family.
You, too, can turn your passion into a business. We only live once, remember? So, start living now!

costa rica 3

Turn your passion into a business

The very idea of creating a sustainable business out of your true passions in life is to really make earning a living or ‘working’ a desirable experience for us.

We know that we all have to work, but if you turn your passion into a business, it will make working a meaningful one for you. Working on a business that is powered by genuine passion, can make a whole world of difference.

You are enriching your personal being while at the same time creating a sustainable life for your family. You become this positive ball of energy that rubs off to people around you. Your business will naturally attract good vibes and before you knew it you’re taking off with a business that is making life a meaningful one for you.

So what’s your passion in life?

Start asking yourself what it is that makes you feel alive the most. Do you love to dance, to paint, to bake or to advise and connect to people? Only you can determine what are you most passionate about in life. Once you figure that one out, you can then turn your passion into a business.

Try writing it down, there’s something about seeing your hopes and dreams put into words. It makes it more real, more attainable; it presents itself as a challenge or something you now have to do.

Have you notice that you tend to complete your grocery shopping when you have a list with you? Not only that it serves as a reminder but it kind of give you that compelling urge to do it or buy it since it’s on your list.

So, write it down, don’t be shy – put into words what is it that you love doing or would love to do if given the chance. This is going to be your first step towards creating a sustainable life for your family.

The work begins: turn you passion into a business

env2post4If you already know what your passions are, ask yourself why this passion is calling for you.

Answering the why in these passions will let you decide how you will integrate that into your lifestyle and eventually to how you will conduct your business. Would you like a business online, home-based, brick and mortar and others? Or what responsibility or role you would like to assume in your business?

For instance, I’m passionate about anything green – green living, green arts, green environment. And it’s basically because I want to create changes, changes in how this earth is treated. I want to affect my children positively about being responsible and compassionate of the world we’re living in. I want to help other people thrive in this world while living green and healthy and free to self-expression.

That leads me to decide on having a home-based business so that I can be with my kids more and raise them myself and have more free time for my other passions in life.

I also decided to take on the business head on, and be the main ‘man’ and assume the major responsibility running my home business.

Finding out the whys in your passion will steer you into the right path towards incorporating these hopes and dreams into your life and turn your passion into a business.

It also leads to self exploration which is oftentimes taken for granted because we’re so caught up with the less important things that we’re made to believe to be the main purpose of our existence.

More about the planning stage on my next post about turning your passion into a business.

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