Creating a Sustainable Life

E-biz and home-based business became an essential tool for me in creating a sustainable life – one with purpose and meaning.

Family has always been and still is a priority for me, being a wife and mother to two children is absolutely amazing!  I have to say though that there was a point in my life that in order to be the mother and in order to be the wife, I have to put my own dreams on hold for them.

I’m already a mom by the time I finished my Masteral in Fine Arts.  So instead of pursuing a career in arts I knew then that I had to change my courses in life in order to embrace motherhood and somehow still practice my art education.

It was then that the idea of teaching arts became an option to me.  I ended up teaching arts for the next 25 years of my life!  It was a very rewarding job but there is also a high burn out factor, so after so many years of teaching, I decided to venture into home-based business selling eco-friendly artisan products.  Eventually, the business opened the doors for me into the affiliate marketing world and other e-biz.

Now, I’m enjoying a sustainable business that allows me to be mobile and free and still be the mom to my amazing children and wife to my loving and supportive husband.

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